Haddon Farmers Market Now Open in Camden

If you were a fan of the beloved, iconic Pennsauken Mart and were devastated when it was torn down for what turned out to be no real reason whatsoever (the land still sits vacant today), news of the just opened Haddon Farmers Market on Mt. Ephraim Avenue in Camden will delight you. We stopped by for a visit today.

The Haddon Farmers Market is located at 2820 Mount Ephraim Ave in Camden on the border with Haddon Township.

At first it appeared closed since there weren’t many cars in the parking lot, but we ventured inside.

Walking through this building will surely evoke memories and you will feel like you’re back at the old Pennsauken Mart.

There’s much work to be done; most stalls were still currently under construction. In fact, there were only about a dozen of the 100 planned vendors opened for business today. The vendors we spoke to shared excitement in anticipation of the Grand Opening which will be this Thursday. A retail rebirth of this size in Camden is sorely needed and enthusiasm for its success was evident amongst the small business merchants we chatted with today.

The Amish Market inside Haddon Farmers Market under construction.

There will also be a surprisingly expansive Amish food and produce market inside as well as an outdoor flea market with 300 vendors.

We’re excited about the new Haddon Farmers Market in Camden and look forward to sharing news and progress as it becomes available.

Will you shop there? What are you most looking forward to? Let us know your thoughts!


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